Natalie Jeremijenko - Connected Environments, Environmental Health Clinic
May 2010 - Ongoing

Recently, I was fortunate to collaborate with the Artist Natalie Jeremijenko on a series of Homunculus visualizations for publication. The drawings I produced are based on new distributions of physical effort in our bodies in a variety of professions. The project interested me because it is a rare opportunity to use the hand as a tool in visualization, but also because this method of production is specifically intended to disrupt clinical representations that have served to desensitize in the past.
Occupational Humunculus Book - Images 1 - 4

Other works include design, illustration and production for artist's exhibitions: "Connected Environments", San Jose Biennial 2010, Projects: Cross[X]Species Adventure Club and others.

Snail Roller Coaster Movie and Illustrations - Images 5, 6
Flight Safety material for XAirport - Images 7 - 10

All images rights are reserved by the artist Natalie Jeremijenko.